SEO Hero – contest details

The SEO Hero challenge is brought to the community by website building services from This Contest wil take place for the next 4 months and the winner will not only be the next SEO Hero, but also win the astonishing amount of 50.000 US-Dollars. The goal is to rank best for the search term SEO Hero by the end of that 4 month period.

SEO Hero – the rules

SEO Hero rulesNo contest without strict rules! That is especially important in SEO Contest, because there are of course a couple of sneaky techniques to rank websites on the first positions which google doesn´t really like. seems to have learned the lesson, as there a some really clever rules. So here we go, let´s have a closer look on the SEO Hero contest:

  1. All contestants must set up a completely new domain which from our point of view is a clever rule. Setting up projects on old and trusty expired domains is quite common in the SEO community and can help a lot to rank fast and prominent. But not this time! Every potential SEO Hero has to start from scratch! This also prevents from using landingpages on authority-websites. Many SEO Contests in the past had been won either by using expired domains or serving the content on landingpages from aged and existing domains. Cool move wix.xom! We appreciate that!
  2. All participants in the SEO Hero challenge need to register and submit their websites to wix.xom until december 16th. Contests in the past have shown, that google sometimes ranks completely new content or websites first, probably because it´s just the freshest content and information. We have seen a couple of contests where webmasters only submitted their stuff to the google index a few days or even hours before the end of a competition. With that rule, the contest is closed for newbies for the last 3 months. Decent idea wix.xom! We love it!
  3. The SEO Hero website needs to be in English and should/could focus on your own search engine optimization heroes and influencers. Cool idea, this will bring up valuable content!
  4. wix.xom provides a judge: Eran Hurvitz form MRKT360 INC will analyze the best ranking websites to make sure everyone has followed the rules and the website is compliant with their contest guidelines.
  5. In order to get deeper insights on the contestants SEO work, every domain needs to be tracked with google analytics and the search console. The account must be shared and connected to as an admin.

For more detailed information on the SEO Hero contest rules go and check this PDF:

For more information on the Contest itself go and check out:

Who is taking part in that contest?

For now there is not much to see in the google index apart from older non relevant websites that have used the search term SEO Hero in the past. Even when you switch to the “past week” view, there is no real competition at the moment, which is a good starting point as we know that the first mover bonus is gold. This is going to be very exciting times and lots of learnings for all. We are looking forward to see creative online marketing techniques, social media campaigns, viral strategies and some good linkearning concepts. So get your site optimized for the WIX Challenge.

google SERPs for SEO Hero

But we wouldn´t be great SEOs if we hadn´t heard about who joins the SEO Hero contest. While registering a decent new domain to start, we checked all exakt match domains with no result. All taken already! But…. Congrats to Kai who was pretty fast and managed to get I already talked to him and we might want to join our forces to become the next SEO Hero.